Chiropractic Testimonials

“I could not stand up straight due to severe lower back pain – I was not able to drive my car; it was very painful to just ride in a car. After a second round of steroids that helped only slightly, I received an MRI and was informed that I had a bulging disc and my doctor made me an appointment with a surgeon. The same morning my husband saw an ad for Dr. Briggs in the Dispatch and when I read it, I called right away for a free consultation. I had been assured that if Dr. Briggs could not help that I would be told. I found Dr. Briggs’ staff and Dr. Briggs very nice and helpful. The other patients that I talked to with while I was there spoke very highly of Dr. Briggs. I also saw the surgeon who said I needed physical therapy and if that didn’t work, surgery was the next step. I didn’t like the idea of surgery, so I chose to give decompression a try. My biggest surprise was that the treatments were not painful at all, as a matter of fact, they felt very good. I have now completed the decompression treatments and I’m able to drive again, my life is back to normal. I no longer fear driving/riding in the car or hitting one of Columbus’ many potholes that used to hurt so badly. Thank you Dr. Briggs, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me my life back!”

– Laura C.

“The years of my life have revolved around training and showing horses, snow and water skiing along with various other sport activities, which has accumulated, shall we call them “war injuries.” My profession created many hours sitting at a computer, sitting in meetings with clients, and riding in a vehicle, thus creating a severe problem in my lower back. My debilitating problem had worsened to the degree of the inability of walking, sitting, standing or sleeping without constant pain, so I arranged a meeting with Dr. Briggs. After a thorough examination by Dr. Briggs, I had two choices, surgery or spinal decompression. After three months of treatment with Dr. Briggs’ spinal decompression program, I am PAIN FREE!!! One’s gratitude seems insufficient to Dr. Briggs and his staff for all they have done for me. No where else can one find such excellent care, constant concern for ones well being and the significant steps they take to maintain and progress in their profession.”

– Linda T.

“I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease of the lower back and my family doctor suggested that muscle relaxers and pain medications would help alleviate the pain, but that nothing further could be done. I decided to take my x-rays and MRI to Dr. Briggs. After reviewing my films, Dr. Briggs felt that decompression could help my condition. I started treatments in June of 2006, and am currently free of the symptoms from which I suffered and take no medication for my back. I am 67 years old. I have been farming for 51 years and continue to do so on a full-time basis.”

– Gary D.

“Since becoming a patient of Dr. Briggs I truly feel better than I have in many years!!! Besides the original problem that brought me into the office, I have noticed other things in a very positive way. Among these are a huge reduction in neck and shoulder stiffness, more flexibility and most noticeably a lack of headaches that plagued me 2-3 times a week for many years. WOW!!! I actually look forward to going to the doctor. I feel confident that my lifestyle will only get better. I believe myself to be a ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ type of person. Well, just let me say that in this case, you have made me a believer.”

– Brad T.

“I have had back problems for the last 17 years on and off, especially when doing activities such as gardening, heavy lifting, and other intense activity. This year I started training for a triathlon and 90 days before the race developed what I thought was muscle fatigue and pain in my right leg. I could still function, but the pain was constant and getting worse. An MRI showed my lowest disc was protruding into my spinal cord and compressing the sciatic nerve. I was given two options: surgery or DRS treatment. I did not hesitate and chose the DRS option, but knew it would not be a quick fix. I had to completely change my focus, diet, outlook and activities for the next several months, but I knew not doing so was putting me at risk for greater problems. It has been nearly 6 months and I am almost back to normal. The pain has gone away from my leg and I am able to do high exercise such as swimming slow laps and push ups. The anti-inflammation diet that is part of my treatment has helped to get my body back in balance and I have also lost weight. I would encourage anyone to investigate this course of treatment. It has truly given me back my mobility and my life.”

– Terry B.

“Dr. Briggs and his staff are all the most caring people I have ever met. When you enter their office, you are greeted with people who are so glad to see you and to see you feel better. I never felt such comfort and compassion and a true sense of peace. I highly recommend Dr. Briggs to anyone who is seeking relief from back and neck pain without medications and surgery.”

– Carolyn B.

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Briggs and his staff! I have heard there is no cure for a “degenerated disc” which I had. I had not had a good night’s sleep until I went to Dr. Briggs for spinal decompression. I will have to say Dr. Briggs and his staff are the best. They are very special. I would recommend Dr. Briggs to anymore who has back problems!”

– Liz H.

“When I first came to your office, I felt it wouldn’t be long until I would have to rely on a wheel chair to get around. After a few visits, I felt so much better. I read the advertisement in the Columbus Dispatch. I had never heard of Dr. Briggs before coming in for my first appointment. Dr. Briggs and his staff are wonderful to work with. I am very thankful for finding help for my back pain.”

– Barbara W.

“I have been dealing with back pain for about 30 plus years. My family doctor said nerve pain is very hard to treat. I cannot take lots of NSAIDS as they upset my stomach. When I decided to have the Decompression treatments, my pain had gotten to the desperation point. I think I have responded to the DRS treatments very well. They are painless, and Dr. Briggs and his staff are just terrific; efficient, and well trained. I am now able to move and sleep with very little pain. I think besides the pain relief in my back and legs, my postitive attitude is the most important improvement I have made. I was beginning to get very depressed with the pain. I am most positive about being able to take care of myself, and to keep fit in the future. I have recommended the program to anyone I meet with back pain. I think it is more successful than other methods I have heard of. Thank you, Dr. Briggs & Staff. You’re the greatest!!"

– Nancy C.

“I’ve had pain off and on for about 15 years. I saw an Orthopedic in 2005 and had 3 epidural shots which helped for awhile. In 2009, I went back to the Orthopedic and the next step was possible surgery. I did not want this. A friend told me about Dr. Briggs. The Decompression treatments have helped me a lot. I’m able to have a good night’s sleep and return to many activities I used to enjoy. The most important improvement is lack of pain and the ability to sleep. I feel my future looks much better without the pain. I would surely recommend this to anyone with severe back pain, because it has helped me. Dr. Briggs and his staff are warm and friendly, and they are willing to help you in any way.”

– Marsha D.

"I have been associated with Dr. Richard Briggs for about 4 years now. I began seeing him for chronic back pain and he immediately introduced me to the DRX-9000, which was the promise of pain relief and healing. I truly thought I was doomed to a life of constant pain, but the DRX-9000 program has provided me with much relief! The continued aftercare gives me the security of knowing that all I need to do is get into his office to stop a problem before it actually has the opportunity to exacerbate.

I also suffer from fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in 1989 and have had very little relief from the constant pain in all these years, UNTIL Dr. Briggs explained a new procedure that he wanted to try. Dr. Briggs began treating me with manengial compressions, which is a relatively new therapy process for Fibromyalgia. I can honestly say that I have had more relief from this therapy than I ever dreamed possible. In fact, since my third treatment I have been pain free, and I have now been doing this for a number of months! I just look at Dr. Briggs, in amazement, as I can’t believe the total relief that I am getting from this treatment.

Dr. Briggs has also helped me with other issues that I am dealing with on a day to day basis and I am very thankful that I have the great fortune of having him involved in my care.

I have so much faith in Dr. Briggs and his willingness to go the extra mile for his patients. He always seems to be looking for new and promising ways to help relieve pain. As someone who does not want to live their life in pain, this is truly a gift and a blessing. There are no words to thank him enough!

Dr. Briggs, you are a blessing to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to keep me out of pain."

– Diana S.

"Dr. Briggs,
Where to start? I can honestly say you have changed my life. When I first came to visit, I was in a significant amount of life altering pain. In the last 15+ years I have only stayed home from work three times and they were all related to my back and happened right before meeting you. Indeed I was skeptical when you said you could really help me and every other doctor walked away or wanted to talk surgery. Your expert processes and treatments combined with your extremely caring and professional staff literally returned life to normal for me. Thank you for all that you do and for what you have done for me personally. I truly respect you and appreciate the confident, yet humble manner in which you do it. You truly are making a difference in the world one patient at a time!"

– Craig W.

"Dr. Briggs:
I first met you in January of 1992. I was having various medical problems, most significantly were the massive, daily headaches and occasional episodes where the room would spin and portions of my line of vision would go black.

I had gone through the entire (and very expensive) battery of medical tests, i.e. heart monitor, MRI of the brain, sleep deprivation tests, etc. Fortunately, nothing terrible was found, but I still had the headaches and vision problems.

A fellow employee recommended I contact you. I scheduled an appointment and after your initial set of x-rays, you were able to diagnose the medical condition (you’re still working on my mental one!!!) that was causing my symptoms. You started treatment immediately and within a week the headaches were almost gone and the vision problems very rarely surface anymore. It’s now been 18 years since that first visit and I think to myself what would my life and that of my husband’s and our children’s have been like, without your care through the years.

I am continually amazed at how gifted you are. The one thing I can’t explain is that I just plain feel better after a treatment – it’s a wellness feeling you give your patients. I believe so passionately in you, Dr. Briggs that I have recommended you for years to friends, fellow employees and family. – Just so you know, years ago when I began having trouble getting in to see you because you became so busy, I quit recommending you!

I know so many people you have helped. The doctors wanted to do surgery on my husband’s neck and back 17 years ago to straighten his spine. I brought him to you much against his will (he didn’t – notice I said DIDN’T believe in Chiropractors back then and until he met you). Thanks to you he never had surgery and is not paralyzed as the surgeon forecasted. Three of our five children come to you and a grandchild. You adjusted Gregory only days after his birth and he will be a very healthy 14 year old boy in May.

Dr. Briggs you are a very talented doctor. Of that, there is not doubt. But more importantly, in our eyes, you are a fine man, who has made a tremendous contribution to the community by returning to it the integrity and compassion you so deeply believe in. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have been your patients and your friends through the years."

– Kerry and Linda P.


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